Training management

Training management

Simplify the administrative
management of your training

With TMS (training management system) functionalities, you can involve your staff and managers in building your training plans and simplify each administrative step.

Benefits of the solution

  • Simplify how you manage your training budgets, thanks to an integrated report.
  • Reduce workloads by centralizing the management of training needs from all HR processes.
  • Develop employee skill sets, to offer them new career opportunities.

Build your training plan

Offer your staff the best training program by building real training plan projections, based on your different teams’ needs. Depending on your strategic priorities, you can analyze the different scenarios and approve the ones that best meet your company’s performance requirements.

Training management

Facilitate individual and group

By simplifying the registration process, for both individuals and groups, you will allow every employee to easily express their expectations, with regard to their professional development.

Your complete training catalog, adapted to each of your organization’s functions, will be available to your teams at any time.

You can use the assessment processes to target your training packages, based on everyone’s real, specific needs. This lets you align each employee’s professional aspirations with your organization’s more general performance challenges.

TMS - Training Management System
Training management

Simplify your administrative

You will have a comprehensive space where all or your teams’ training needs are centrally listed. You can simplify your managerial approval processes and look up the history of each request/approval, in the interest of optimized tracking.

With the training venue management features, the organization of on-site inter- and intra-company training is simplified, so you can manage the number of participants in each scheduled session as accurately as possible.

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Track your costs and budget
in real time

For each training action, you can manage its actual costs (costs of teaching, engineering and materials), to keep your budget for implementation of each tool is under control.

By tracking the use of your training budget in real time, you can maximize the number of actions completed over the course of your fiscal year.

TMS - Training Management System

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