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By becoming a Talentsoft Learning Community member,
you join a community of more than
2,300 participants!

Inspired by social media and in line with 2.0 training, Talentsoft Learning Community allows its members to discuss about problems encountered and share common experiences with the entire community. To do this, many social learning tools were installed (wikis, forums, microblogging, etc.). Therefore, Talentsoft Learning team and community are your daily exclusive representatives and here to answer all questions concerning your training projects.

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working documents

As a member of the Talentsoft Learning Community, you have many work resources to improve your daily tasks and assignments. For example, helpful information, interactive tutorials, and adapted case studies for all skill levels are available in order to help you better understand the use our training software. The Talentsoft Learning training team frequently updates this information database and is available for any suggestions concerning the information and material used by the user community.

User's club

all year round

Talentsoft Learning Community regularly organizes on-site or online events reserved for members of the community. From an early sneak preview of future software innovations and small hands-on workshops to conferences on major trends in professional training, the life of the user's club is highlighted with meetings to help you advance and progress in using our solutions. It is also the opportunity for Talentsoft Learning members and teams to meet and exclusively share ideas!