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E-learning solution

More than just a simple computer project, setting up distance training through an LMS or LCMS demands a comprehensive analysis that involves the organisation of HR processes, the engineering of the training facilities as well as the IT infrastructure.

With expertise in cutting-edge e-learning and blended learning , our IT team provides advice about the life cycle of your projects: in the preparation stages first and then during the implementation of the solution and assistance with changes. This last stage guarantees the achievement of your goals in teaching optimisation.

Our consultant's expertise
in e-learning and blended learning

Our expertise in e-learning and blended learning allows us to contribute to the following areas:

  • Financial study and calculation of the ROI, including the definition and monitoring of indicators
  • Upstream audit and assistance in drafting the specifications
  • Analysis of resources and technical constraints
  • Installation and configuration of the IT solution
  • Interfacing of the software with the other HR applications
  • Definition and implementation of teaching media optimisation processes
  • Advice and monitoring in setting up distance learning programmes
  • Improvement to tutoring and deployment plans
  • Assistance with changes and definition of the communication plan
  • Training and coaching of the various stakeholders

By studying your business culture and the whole of your training practices, our e-learning experts guide you in adapting and developing your company's human capital.


The role of the e-learning expert is organised around
4 major steps and involves you throughout the process

1 - The identification of your distance training needs

Our IT team applies its e-learning expertise in the first step in designing the framework study. With your company's various stakeholders, we analyse your current training processes and then together define all improvement areas and the strategies that will be applied. This development plan is recorded in usage scenarios.

2 - Configuration and the sets of tests

Once your usage scenarios have been validated, Talentsoft Learning's e-learning expert compiles a configuration specification. The characteristics of each profile of the LMS or LCMS platform are then determined: the identification of personal fields, specific rights, etc. A version for approval of your LMS or LCMS solution is defined and validated for production.

3 - Interfacing with the other applications

It is quite rare for the blended learning strategy to be an isolated activity within the HRD and more broadly the company as a whole. Therefore, the information in the HRIS must communicate with the tools for managing and distributing the training materials. This communication, which can be either single- or bi-directional, is called the interfacing. The connecting work is part of the daily work of our teams of learning experts. It provides our customers an undeniable comfort and fluidity in directing their IT solutions.

4 - The commissioning of the LMS or LCMS production platform

The creation of your production LMS or LCMS stems from the approval platform since it benefits from the same settings. Our IT team each day helps you to enhance the use that you make of our e-learning software programs for your distance or blended learning.