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Talentsoft Learning media store Web portal is a unique web portal for managing your own media creation e-learning studio in real time. You make to measure your illustrations, your 3D mascots, your actors' and synthetic voices or even your actors' videos.

From Talentsoft Learning media store, you head a team of computer graphic designers and experts who carry out, in record time and controlled budgets, the media you need for your e-learning content.

How does it work?

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  • Stage 1 : I describe the media which I need in the the web portal interface.
  • Stage 2 : My order is produced.
  • Stage 3 : I download the media produced from the web portal.

This "all in one" service makes the management of your productions easier as well as your costs by working on the media unit costs.

Talentsoft Learning media store not only allows you to carry out projects that require large quantities of media but also meets your specific needs for a special e-learning module.

Choosing Talentsoft Learning media store, means gaining the freedom to control the media without worrying about volumes.

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Innovative technologies
accessible to all

To offer you great flexibility and a high quality service, Talentsoft Learning has forged strong partnerships with the major players of real-time media production.

Talentsoft Learning media store integrates Acapela's© "Text to Speech" technologies , an innovative speech synthesis tool to provide a commentary to your e-learning modules, in 22 different languages; and Cantoche©'s "Living ActorT", a video generator in which the 3D characters of your choice adapt to the audio message being played.

Thanks to these solutions, you produce media in real time and energise your e-learning content.

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