E-learning service

Succeeding in your project,
also means knowing who can help

No matter what level of technical or creative expertise or availability, we are convinced that every company can add value to the knowledge and skills of their training officers within their teams.

At Talentsoft Learning, we believe that it is everyone's responsibility to determine his or her own level of independence in creating training contents.

That is why our consulting services are adjustable according to each person's needs and constraints: from independent tool training to total responsibility in creating and producing educational contents by our teams.

In choosing Talentsoft Learning, we provide a personalized tracking in order to meet your needs, give you the resources to improve your skills, and guarantee by outsourcing or insourcing a proactive and qualified e-learning after-sales service.

E-learning services include :

Services Talentsoft Learning

Assistance and maintenance

A reliable team by your side

- Rely on our available hotline
- Get the latest real-time updates

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and security

Boost the visibility of your training catalog

- Did you say "cloud computing" ?
- Secure, confidential, and so much more
- Managing international training projects

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Services Talentsoft Learning
Services Talentsoft Learning

Talentsoft Learning

A community of active users

- Join a community of over 2,300 participants!
- Precious working documents
- Events all year round

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Talentsoft Learning à la carte services include :

Setting up
your e-learning tools

Choose an IT e-learning expert

Take advantage of our team's professionalism for setting up the Talentsoft Learning solution (LMS platform and LCMS) in your information system. We examine the organization of your teams and set up application software with you in order to meet your requirements and constraints. Depending on your configuration, we set up necessary interfaces for good communication between different information systems.

- Our e-learning experts help you to set up your LMS and LCMS
- e-learning and blended learning expertise of our consultants
- Know-how

Learn more about the implementation of your e-learning tools
E-learning service
E-learning service

E-learning engineering

Benefit from customized e-learning content!

In order to complete your customized modules, you can rely on the recognized expertise of educational engineers: you can make your training more attractive and optimize the tracking rate of your learners.

- From outsourcing to insourcing, our e-learning engineering department is here to help you.
- A center of expertise available for your e-learning module
- For your customized e-learning content, take advantage of the latest technology
- The technique for livening up your customized e-learning content?
- On-site training, blended learning or e-learning

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To learn how to use Talentsoft Learning software

With Talentsoft Learning trainers, we guarantee a rapid and personalized skill increase of each member of your training team. You can count on blended learning training experts, who are involved every day in making learning actions of every sector a success.

- Train your teams on blended learning tools
- Consulting and advisory services

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E-learning service
E-learning service

creation portal

To manage your own studio e-learning for creating media

You need combined media (objects, mascots, voice-overs, etc.)? Check out our "self-service" portal dedicated to independent e-learning resources.

- Develop your imagination !
- How does it work ?
- Innovative technologies accessible to everyone

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