Cloud learning

Advantages of Talentsoft Learning cloud learning

Did you say "cloud learning"?

The expression "cloud learning" can be explained by a virtual space enabling you to stock, share, and refer to training data (working documents, learning material in different formats, meeting minutes, etc.) on a remote server.

Secure, flexible, and simple to use are the keys words to describe cloud computing services offered to companies of all sizes.

Secure, confidential,
and much more

In partnership with IBM, Talentsoft Learning guarantees a cloud learning service with top-notch reliability. In addition, your training documents are highly secured and protected (IBM Tivoli ISO27001 standard). You can also easily connect to the cloud using your regular web browser.

All of your teams' training resources are saved in real-time. You no longer run the risk of losing data and your employees have access to a common storage space anytime and anywhere!

cloud learning

Managing international
training projects

Thanks to the advantages listed above, cloud learning helps to spread the success of projects worldwide.

Players involved in the management, production, and distribution of educational resources can be thousands of miles away and efficiently work on the same content material.

You will also optimize the collaboration of your teams, increase the efficiency of their actions, and make your company more competitive on the market.

Enjoy the benefits of cloud computing right now for creating, managing, and distributing your training with:

Talentsoft LCMS
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