Assistance and maintenance

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Assistance and maintenance

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We are concerned about the right solutions for developing your company, and provide an online assistance and tools for sharing experiences between users (forums, wikis, tchat, etc.).

A team of technicians is at your service to quickly answer your questions and problems concerning the use of our training software.

Find all of our assistance services online by creating a customer account with the Talentsoft Learning users club.

Create a customer account with the club

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Talentsoft Learning's global solution is available in SaaS (Software As A Service) mode. By registering, you automatically benefit from the innovations that make our LCMS and LMS platform more efficient.

With SaaS mode, our training software updates are free since maintenance costs are included in your registration.

With Talentsoft Learning assistance and maintenance services, you are sure to be efficient in your projects every day.

Assistance and maintenance