Mobile learning

ou m-learning...

With Talentsoft Learning,
training is going mobile!

mobile learning

HTML 5 / Flash

With Talentsoft Learning, you benefit from a global solution capable of exporting your distance training to all different types of mobile devices: Ipad, Android, etc.

Thanks to HTML 5 and Flash exports, you have today's best technology for m-learning (or mobile learning)

Mobile learning is becoming
rich media

Our mobile learning solutions make integrating videos, images, and sounds into your mobile training easier. You spread high-value content via daily tools used by your learners.

Vous déployez des contenus à forte valeur ajoutée via des outils utilisés quotidiennement par vos apprenants.

mobile learning

Educational methods
at the heart of your "mobile learning" training

At Talentsoft Learning, we make a point of placing educational methods at the heart of our technological innovations.

Our mobile learning solutions also include the option of designing real educational scenarios adapted to this type of learning. Beyond multimedia options, mobile learning training designed with our tools include many learning activities: word multiple choice, picture multiple choice, active memory discovery, text entry, assessment, etc.

mobile learning

and monitoring learners

Training designed for mobile learning using our tools has the same advantages as "classic" e-learning training.

Published on an e-learning platform, you can efficiently monitor the development of your human resources, make use of complete reports, and accurately monitor your learners.

Use the e-learning manager LMS platform to create quality automated tutoring for an optimum performance.

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