Virtual classroom

Virtual classroom

your training space!

Deliver your training in a virtual classroom via audio and video conferencing. Several virtual training environments are available and configurable to adapt to your audience.


  • Benefit from the main features of an on-site training (PowerPoint presentation, questions/answers, etc.) without the usual costs.
  • Learners are trained in a way as interactive as on-site learning.
  • Participants connect via a standard web browser without prior installation.

Choose simulated reality
to provide your e-training

Talentsoft LMS integrates a powerful tool for virtual classroom to enhance your e-training path. In a few minutes, learners are immersed in distance learning as alive as in face to face with the same presentation elements: paperboard, visual pointer, etc.

Your trainers conduct virtual classes in "full duplex" (full interaction between participants) or "one to many" (one person speaks to the others).

Enjoy the
integrated to a training path

The Talentsoft LMS virtual classroom is SCORM compliant and meets the standards of online training as an integral part of a comprehensive training path. Learners have access within one location to all courses that make up their training path.

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Virtual classrooms

multimedia lesson plans

Trainers arrange their lesson plans in the tool by determining the duration of each lesson section and by associating all relevant documents (photos, videos, office automation resources, etc.).

Educational resources are then displayed on the learners’ computers during the intervention of the trainer.

The latter also benefits from animation tools to boost the presentation: survey, screen sharing, document sharing, etc.

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