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At Talentsoft Learning, we know that the challenge of training not only lies in creating attractive and efficient contents, but also in the quality of publishing educational contents for learners on computers or mobile devices.

We know that publishing knowledge is only valuable when it can be understood, measured, and evaluated.

We know that every business is unique and only a powerful and flexible solution can meet the needs of each company.

In choosing Talentsoft Learning, we provide a powerful solution for publishing learning content and monitoring learners with an adjustable price according to the number of trained employees.

With Talentsoft LMS,
you can:

LMS (Learning Management System)

Publish training

Choose efficient ways for managing and publishing your training

Talentsoft LMS (Learning Management System) is a training platform accessible to everyone. In a friendly environment, the trainer can monitor the progress of his or her learners and set up tutoring actions. As a first step towards e-learning or training thousands of learners, Talentsoft LMS meets your expectations.

- Organize your training
- Monitor your learners with a powerful analysis tool
- Manage the skills of your employees
- Enter into the age of 2.0 training
- Personalize your LMS
- Information security

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contents using a catalog

Boost the visibility of your training catalog

With Talentsoft LMS, you have a complete website available for presenting your training department or service. This tool is extremely user-friendly and allows you to fully create a showcase for your training offer.

- Create a showcase for your LMS
- LMS and training catalog: winning combination
- Personalize your training e-catalog

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LMS (Learning Management System)
LMS (Learning Management System)

virtual classrooms

Expand your training area!

Publish your training in a virtual classroom using audio and videoconferencing. Several virtual training environments are available and can be set up according to your audience.

- Choose virtual reality to distribute your e-training
- Take advantage of videoconferencing with an integrated training path
- Organize your multimedia lesson plans

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