Capture each and every talent!

Skillcatch lors du CeBIT


Capture each and every talent!

When you have Talentsoft Learning’s SkillCatch app, you hold in the palm of your hand the ability to capture the talents all around you and share them with whomever you like. This allows you to create real, ready-to-use training instances that can effectively transmit each person’s expertise through educational video sequences that can be accessed at any time.

Create your own MOOC (massive open online course), quickly and easily.

Download SkillCatch now, for free!

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your 1st Skatch in just three steps!

Structurez votre scénario

1. Plan

your training script.

Structurez votre scénario

2. Capture

and enrich your video sequences.

Structurez votre scénario

3. Publish

your training using a free MOOC.

Instantly capture

each and every talent

By its very essence, the moment when talent shines is fleeting and can happen at any time. So it is important to give your staff the ability to capture knowledge and expertise, for example when exhibited a co-worker, as quickly and easily as possible. What could be more natural than using the mobile phone that everyone already has with them at all times?

The SkillCatch mobile app captures knowledge, whatever the situation and whatever the moment. It is easy for any of the company’s staff to use. You can create training sequences as easily as you would create an MMS (or almost). This lets you share your knowledge with as many people as possible, with tool that truly makes the design of interactive training very widely accessible.


truly educational sequences

Thanks to the pre-defined central SkillCatch, theme, structure your presentation using a methodology proven by educational experts and adapted for video. You will enjoy a tool that was completely conceived with a single goal in mind: to give you the best technology has to offer for your teaching methods.

gif me five
gif me five


your training videos

From the app’s editing system, you can access a whole library of display templates. These will allow you to add educational information to your sequences to make them easier for your learners to understand: textual information, images, outline of the contents of the introduction and/or conclusion, and so on.

You can also personalize your environments with your logo to make them into a resource in your image.


a free MOOC

Download the SkillCatch, app for free access to your own MOOC (massive open online course). Enrich it with each new Scatch and create a real library of immediately available training resources. To share a Scatch, nothing could be simpler! Just open the app and invite your friends, family or staff. They will be sent an email giving them instant access to your MOOC.

Download SkillCatch now, for free!

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The SkillCatch bag

use it in the most extreme circumstances

Are you a fan of SkillCatchand want to use it in the most extreme circumstances? Talentsoft Learning has designed a SkillCatch bag for you, containing key tools that will simplify the filming of your training sequences, regardless of the surrounding conditions:

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Want to take

it a step further?

SkillCatch is compatible with Talentsoft Learning’s software suite, thanks to various “my Talentsoft Learning” features. This gives you a comprehensive digital learning solution for the creation, management, distribution and analysis of all of your training, both on-site and distance.

  • Quizzes: créez des exercices.
  • Video conferences: faites des classes virtuelles.
  • Distribution platform: manage how your training is rolled out.
  • And much, much more: including tutorials, on-site games, collaborative work, multilingualism, serious games, and the list goes on.
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