Rapid learning

rapid learning

Design your trainings
in a few clicks

Rapid learning features of Talentsoft LCMS offer courseware authors the ability to produce quality distance training in a very short time.

Get the most of the solution

  • With an easy software to get started with, your teams can quickly produce their first modules.
  • Reuse and convert your training department existing PowerPoint presentations into e-learning resources.
  • Equip yourself with a tool that meets the reactivity required by your business area and publish trainings in line with your current events.

With TvLearn®,
discover a new way to train

Enter into the age of rapid learning rapid learning by creating your e-learning module in just a few minutes. The TvLearn® principle is quite clear: you present your training course in front of a webcam as if you were speaking to your learners.

  • You play and commentate your PowerPoint presentation.
  • The tool converts it into a web-based format and automatically adds your audio and video commentary taken with the webcam.
  • The rapid learning model can then be directly used or published online.

With Talentsoft Learning TvLearn®, use rapid learning and train on a wider scale!

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Create a tutorial
or movie in just a few clicks

Create a tutorial or film in record time. The software will guide you step by step. Choose the type of tutorial you wish to create (demonstrative tutorial, simple and interactive tutorial, adjusted interactive tutorial, guided interactive tutorial, etc.) and start recording immediately. A few minutes are enough to create a ready-to-use tutorial or movie. Perfect for training your employees on certain software features, you save valuable time while creating and quickly transferring your skills to your entire team.

The movie can be modified and translated as many times as you like (perfect for a multilingual e-learning project). It is also easily updated and upgradable.

Convert your PowerPoint slideshows
into distance training

Converting a PowerPoint presentation into a flash movie or video enables it to be successfully distributed using a training platform and learner tracking tool. Talentsoft LCMS is a complete rapid learning software, which groups together powerful functions converting PowerPoints into flash movies or videos.

Again, this tool converts your PPT slideshow into a ready-to-use e-learning resource compatible with LMS or any type of web browser.

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Deliver training
in video

All your productions are exportable as a video to web format and mpeg4 for wide publishing on PC or mobile.

rapid learning

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