Manage training projects

Manage training projects

e-learning projects

Rely on a solution specialized in the management of courseware authors teams and mass production.

The Talentsoft LCMS solution includes powerful features of teams administration dedicated to the production of training: you will manage and direct each stakeholder involved in your educational projects.

Get the most of the solution

  • Perfect to industrialize your training production, the LCMS allows you to fully manage all the stakeholders of your projects (internal resources and external providers).
  • Control the cost of each project, checking the consistency between the intended budget and the budget actually spent.
  • Conduct and organize the work of your employees to increase productivity.

Simplify the management
of international projects

Project management features of Talentsoft LCMS are 100% cloud. Each player, wherever located around the world, connects remotely to the platform to access the required resources hosted online. At any moment they can perform the tasks they were assigned: the perfect solution for international multilingual projects.

Manage training projects
Manage training projects

Industrialize the production
of your training

Enter the age of industrialization and mass production of training modules! Within the solution, you lead all stakeholders in your projects (internal and external) by configuring their access rights and tasks. Your team has become independent and benefits from effective means for collaborative work.

your production budgets

Talentsoft LCMS provides quantitative data thanks to which the budgets spent are viewed (working time, service providers, etc.) and benefit from indicators that will help measure the ROI of your training. You are in control to optimize your content production, and perform efficient and profitable industrialization.

Manage training projects

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