"Authoring tool" software for creating scenario-based e-learning

Authoring tool software

Rely on simple and powerful
e-learning design features

The Talentsoft LCMS features for scenario-based e-learning contents design facilitate the design of distance training and multi-media publishing. Your learners benefit from dynamic learning content including active discovery transmissive phases and interactive exercises.

Get the most of the solution

  • Your teams are 100% independent to produce professional e-learning content.
  • Interactive features makes your distance training more attractive ensuring exceptionally high completion rates.
  • Your training is exported in Flash or HTML5 and therefore compatible with all types of devices: PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet, etc. They also comply with SCORM and AICC standards.

Simply create
your e-training contents

Designed for training professionals, this authoring software allows you to set up educational strategies and offers a wide range of predefined and interactive distance training exercises:

  • Checking documents: images, sounds, texts, PPTs, animations, etc.
  • Finding documents by action: maps, views, rotation, etc.
  • Word exercises: crosswords, text entry, mad libs, etc.
  • Selecting elements: image zone, multiple choice, Drag & Drop, etc.
  • Moving elements: grouping elements, positioning images, moving objects, etc.
  • Assessment
authoring tool

A solution that fits
the profiles of your employees

Different designs modes provide your teams, whether they are beginners or advanced users, with a personalized optimum control according to different skill levels: project manager sets up user rights in accordance with professional profiles.

Manage multiple languages
with the authoring tool

Are your learners scattered throughout different countries and do not speak the same language?

With the authoring tool, you can quickly design multilingual e-learning modules. By using e-learning contents written in one language, you can easily and automatically recreate your distance training material in another language. With the multilingual mode, send your educational strategy worldwide!

authoring tool

Enrich your content

With over 5000 royalty free media included, your employees have access to the necessary resources to enhance their e-trainings: sound, photos, videos, sets, characters, mascots, pictograms, etc. They also benefit from features to easily create media-rich animations with tween movement features to make characters move or for text appearances.

Authoring tool software elearning maker
Authoring tool software

Simply your life
by using templates

Thanks to different templates integrated into the authoring tool, you can directly insert your raw distance training content into a graphical environment and preset scenario. The four available templates correspond to the levels of e2c e-learning classification (a table created by e-deoceo to rank the levels of scenario writing and media coverage), going from the questionnaire to the serious game.

Download the e2c classification

Serious game !

With the "Expert in New York" template built into the authoring software, your learners get to play the leading role in an investigation game where you can incorporate your own training contents. A new approach to adequately train and engage your learners deep in the action.

It also includes many other serious game features: conditional navigation (with simplified mini language programming); gathering information, moving objects, using hints, etc.

All tools needed to make room for your imagination are at your fingertips. With Talentsoft LCMS, playing the serious game has never been easier!

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