Digital learning

What can it do for you?

Your challenge

At Talentsoft Learning, we are aware of your daily problems and challenges: higher productivity, increase in sales, improved customer satisfaction, reduced costs, etc.

We believe that in order to reach these objectives, you must rely on your valuable internal resources, namely your employees, your knowledge, and your business experience. Thanks to our technological solutions and consulting services, we will help to highlight and increase these assets, often left untapped.

Our role

To help you better train your employees according to their needs and your performance targets. In 10 years, our technological solutions and services have been renewed and adapted while anticipating your requests and compromising with your organizational characteristics.

By choosing Talentsoft Learning, we not only guarantee to create, manage, and publish your educational materials and industrialize your educational contents, but also simply and safely optimize your training budget. Whether you prefer to insource or outsource your training, take advantage of our services or only our efficient solutions, Talentsoft Learning is here with and for you.

What can training do
for your company?

digital learning

Your company's educational resources are very important. Are you having trouble identifying and emphasizing them?

At Talentsoft Learning, we help you to optimize and improve your educational material!

You think that "optimizing a training budget thanks to e-learning" only means "reducing costs"?

We will show you that training allows you to do so much more. We have been trying it out daily for the past 10 years and there is a link between the enhancement of employee skills and productivity of an organization. It is a true return on investment. This prized value-creating asset is offered to help companies count on their workforce. Digital learning “by Talentsoft Learning” makes achieving this goal possible!

digital learning

The disappearance of educational content has caused an industrialization of processes for creating, managing and distributing courses. A task that is not always easy to organize.

That is why Talentsoft Learning is here to help you automate your processes and enable you to generate substantial economic benefits and optimize your organization.

What can Talentsoft Learning do
for your training?

Are you having trouble organizing the process for creating your learning content? Do you wish to optimize the management of your resources, along with their location and updates?

Thanks to our Talentsoft LCMS, we help to automate the production and management of your training. Collaborative management of your information resources will help you to become more proactive, while enhancing your quality and productivity. Industrializing your training projects will also develop an accurate tracking of the players involved, their accomplished work, and actual budget consumed.

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Are you interested in digital learning, but don't know how to set it up? Are you not sure how to successfully publish your training, even though this is a key task for your department? Would you like to follow and evaluate the learning curve for thousands of learners? Are you required to provide detailed and real-time contextual reporting?

To do this, we will equip you with an LMS platform in SaaS mode that will make setting up your training on computers or mobile devices easier. Talentsoft LMS is a powerful online tutoring and reporting tool that is essential for your HR department.

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Are you required to digitize your training path? Is making your teams self-sufficient in the field a true challenge? Would you like us to create all or part of your training projects?

With our à la carte services, you can choose the right consulting service option that is right for you. From training your teams using Talentsoft Learning tools to fully managing the creation and production of your educational content by our teams, we are here to assist you in your projects as soon as possible, thanks to our personalized services.

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