Our vision of blended learning

Our company's commitment and key information

To succeed in training,
you must first ask the right questions.

At Talentsoft Learning, we believe that

a company has the knowledge and skills required to ensure its growth and expansion.

However, this know-how is often left untapped.

It is therefore important to know :

- where to seek it,
- who might be concerned,
- how to structure it
- and what tool should be used to share it.

To meet this challenge,

we provide everyone, whatever their needs or size of their organization, with solutions and personalized support to help them gather information, create content, exchange and transfer disseminated information within the teams.

Our powerful and flexible offer,

is a comprehensive system that adapts to every company’s specific organizational features.

For over 14 years,

providing our clients with efficient and innovative software to help them highlight the full potential of their training resources.

Talentsoft learning solutions

By merging with e-doceo, European leader in digital learning solutions, Talentsoft Learning now offers a comprehensive, integrated and renewed user experience for the benefit of employees, managers, and HR managers.

Talentsoft offers a solution to meet the new challenges of corporate talent management linking information on employees and their skills with possible paths for their professional mobility and a range of adapted and customized training, and all this on 4 continents in more than 25 languages.

avis Talentsoft Learning

Our teams have many things in common: we share the same vision on the development of HR, the same engagement with our clients, and a similar culture of innovation. This is an excellent opportunity for us to write a new chapter alongside Talentsoft, and offer our clients and employees a significant alternative solution and a unique European adventure.

Jérôme Bruet,
Vice President Learning Talentsoft

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